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Mobile phone e-mail addresses required for Emergency Alerts

In the event of an emergency during the event, we will alert you with information via your mobile phone e-mail address.

Please send your mobile phone e-mail addresses (2 or more per team) to trailwalker@oxfam.jp

We will send alerts from the e-mail address below.


Note: this e-mail address is for emrgency alrts only. E-mails received by this e-mail address will not be responded. Please use trailwalker@oxfam.jp for general enquiries.

If your phone is configured so as not to receive e-mails from PCs or to receive e-mail only from specified e-mail addresses/domains, please change the settings so that you are able to receive e-mail from trailwalkerjapan@gmail.com.

For international participants:
Oxfam Japan recommends you to check your carrier's international coverage(e-mail and phone) prior to the event. If your mobile phone does not work in Japan or if you do not wish to incur roaming charges from your carrier, Oxfam Japan suggests renting a Japanese mobile phone prior to the Trailwalker event. Although this is not mandatory, it will help ensure that we are able to reach you if required.

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